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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Piqua, Kansas

Buster Keaton was born on October 4, 1895 in the town of Piqua (pronounced PI-Kway) Kansas. He never lived there. His parents were passing through town on a vaudeville tour.

The current population of Piqua is 390. It is in Woodson County, population 3788. There are no motels or hotels in Piqua. There is a Best Western and a Super 8 in Iola, eleven miles away, and a Super 8 in Chanute, fifteen miles away. There are no available jobs currently listed within five miles of Piqua, but in Iola they need a doctor. There are no historic markers in Piqua except a plaque identifying it as the birthplace of Buster. Iola and Chanute have no markers at all. There are two cemeteries in Piqua and 19 total in Woodson county. Piqua has four schools and no churches or parks. The average temperature in July 90.6 and 20.9 in January. The median home is 45 years old and valued at $75,000. twenty two percent of the adult residents have college degrees. The average age is 37, with 52% male, and 67% married.
There is a Buster Keaton museum. It occupies the front room of the Piqua Water Department. The room has a nice collection of newspaper clippings, family heirlooms, photos and posters. Each year there is a Buster Keaton Film Festival in nearby Iola. This year will be the thirteenth annual.

Nicodemus, Kansas is 247 miles from Piqua


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