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Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Naked Cowboy and George Bush

Tonight we went to a party of a nice young guy who is the son of my wife's good friend from the upper west side. He just moved to Portland. A guy at the party mentioned the Naked Cowboy. Man, to me the naked cowboy symbolizes what is wrong with America. Have you seen him in Times Square? / Here is a picture:

If you will notice, he is NOT NAKED! He has shorts on! Tighty Whities! He is a celebrity. People want to get their picture taken in Times Square with the Naked Cowboy. They ignore the fact that he is NOT NAKED and accept him as THE NAKED COWBOY!

This explains how George Bush got elected. People say "he is smart"" and everyone accepts that as a fact even though it is obviously not true. People say he tells the truth and it is accepted as a fact although he is serial liar. People say he is tough and it is accepted as a fact although his idea of toughness is to say "bring it on" and allow soldiers under his command to fight for him. God help us.


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